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Air compressors fit for Your Needs


Whether you’re machining wood for mass production or carefully crafting custom wood products, the need for compressed air is all around you in the woodworking industry. From running pneumatic tools to cleaning up the shop, air has many ways of making woodworking easier and more efficient.

Producing high-quality wood products requires precision with every inch and at every angle. At Ingersoll Rand, our approach is no different. Every detail matters. We have been refining our compressors and processes for more than 140 years. That’s why we’re able to give you the most reliable and efficient compressors on the market and create a lifelong partnership.

Service on your schedule.

The right air compressor partner thinks about your long-term needs. Ingersoll Rand has 87 authorized service locations and more than 750 certified compressed air technicians dedicated to keeping your woodworking productivity at the highest level possible.

Worry-free maintenance.

PlannedCare is a preventative maintenance program that allows us to handle your compressed air equipment so you can stay focused on what you do best. It combines the best of scheduled maintenance and predictive diagnostics to minimize costly disruptions and keep equipment running smoothly.


Efficiency Never
Felt So Rewarding


We like reducing energy costs as much as the next company. It saves money and moves us in the right direction toward becoming more socially responsible. Efficiency is critical in this effort. Believe it or not, facilities in the wood processing industry typically use 6% to 17% of their total electricity requirements for compressed air. Because electricity is responsible for up to 75% of the lifetime operating costs of an air compressor, compressed air improvements provide quick payback on investments and reduce operating costs.

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